What Types of Industries Use Laser Cutting Machines?

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Have you been thinking about getting laser cutting machines for your industry? We assure you that this may be one of the best investments you make.

Laser cutting has become a popular process over the past few years. As technology develops and excels, laser cutting has become a part of many important manufacturing companies. This is mainly because it can cut an accurate line through a number of materials, regardless of their thickness.

Here are four popular industries that make use of laser cutting machines:

Automotive Industry

Laser cutting machines are known to produce parts accurately in a short period of time. This is why they are popular within the automotive industry. These industries need to have accurate replicas of different parts, shapes, and sizes. Since laser cutting can cut metals and plastics for the body parts of a car, as well as form interior covers and buttons, they come in handy for such industries.

Moreover, laser cutting machines can also form buttons inside vehicles so that light can reach certain areas or help record serial numbers of any piece. Moreover, these machines help cut hydro-formed pieces that help support vehicle structures.

Jewellery Industry

Since laser cutting machines are so precise and accurate, they fit well into the jewellery-making process. Think about a watch that has numerous small working parts. Laser cutting machines are so accurate that they can make the gears in an extremely short amount of time. Moreover, the machines can be used for engraving purposes.

In the jewellery industry, laser cutting is used to cut out the shapes and thickness of different jewellery pieces. This can be used for a gold ring with intricate designs, as well as to make a bracelet of any diameter and thickness. Laser cutting can also be used to engrave names inside jewellery.

Medical Device Manufacturing

Laser cutting machines have proven to be extremely beneficial in the medical device manufacturing industry. In fact, due to its use, surgeons have been able to make more accurate cuts, and patients also heal faster with the use of laser surgery.

With the help of laser cut parts, the life quality of patients has been improved. Laser-cut parts have helped manufacture stents, valve framers, vascular clips, flexible shafts, and hones.

Ceramic Manufacturing

The use of ceramics has been widely adopted by engineers for different purposes. Ceramics make wonderful insulators, especially because they have low electrical and thermal conductivity. Moreover, since they do not tend to react with other chemicals, they are long-lasting and have high melting points.

Laser cutting machines help cut ceramics efficiently, without wasting time, and without compromising on quality. Ceramic parts are used in aeroplane jet engines, headphones, electric cooktops, as well as loudspeakers. Imagine how easy laser cuts have made the use of ceramics for different industries!