How Does a Press Brake Work?

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18/11/2020 12:41 PM
Metals, as they are extracted from nature, can seldom be used in their raw form. They go through several processes which help transform them into a useful state. Several equipment can be used to...

What Is Steel Bending and Why Is It Done?

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19/10/2020 16:00 PM
Steel Bending – Overview When metals are extracted deep beneath the Earth's surface, they are refined and converted into a useful form. For that to happen, the metal ore has to go through several...

Laser Cutting vs Plasma Cutting: What is the Difference?

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16/09/2020 10:00 AM
First developed in the 1950s, plasma cutting is used to cut stainless steel, copper, aluminium, and other metals that cannot be cut with flame. The plasma cutting method features a cutting touch...

Always Make Sure You Are Regularly Servicing Your Factory Machinery

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16/06/2020 10:00 AM
Machines in a factory are in use most of the time - round the clock. Workers work in shifts to keep the production and factory operations running 24 hours a day to meet the supply needs. However,...

Why are more and more companies turning towards laser cutting machines?

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15/05/2020 09:03 AM
It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a …brand new top of the market laser cutting machine…? Granted, it doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, but you can’t tell me you haven’t noticed more and more...