What Is Steel Bending and Why Is It Done?

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Steel Bending – Overview

When metals are extracted deep beneath the Earth's surface, they are refined and converted into a useful form. For that to happen, the metal ore has to go through several processes. Some processes aid in removing impurities, such as smelting and calcining, while others are designed to improve strength, such as steel manufacturing from iron ore.

In either case, a metal goes through several processes before it reaches the end consumer. One such process is metal bending. In this post, you will learn specifically about steel bending and how and why it is done.

Steel bending is a process through which a steel sheet is subject to force. As a result, steel bends at an angle and form the required shape. Generally, steel sheets take a U or a V shape that enhances their functionality. With steel bending, you can also create the necessary geometric shapes using a steel sheet.

How Is It Done?

Steel bending requires a specialised tool called a press brake that helps bend the metal sheets. A press brake uses a punch and dies to perform this action. And while it seems like a simple process, working with a press brake requires exceptional accuracy and attention to detail. Generally, four types of press brakes are used to perform the job. Each type of press brake applies varying levels of force and give results accordingly. Let’s briefly look at each type.

Mechanical Press Brakes

Mechanical press brakes offer exceptional speed and accuracy; however, they are slightly more challenging to use compared to other types of press brakes.

Pneumatic Press Brakes
When using this type of press brakes, you require lesser force to get the required results. It is best for bending small steel sheets.

Hydraulic Press Brakes
Using the latest technology, hydraulic press brakes are best for the precise bending of steel sheets.

CNC Press Brakes
The most accurate and easy to use press brakes are the CNC press brakes that can bend steel sheets of all shapes and sizes.

Why Steel Bending?

The bending process provides a consistent and smooth finish to the metal. Moreover, you get a consistent radius all over the arc length of the structure. So essentially, steel bending adds to functionality as well as to the aesthetic appeal of the structure.

Using steel bending gives you endless opportunities for how to stretch your imagination and create inspirational steel structures for all types of properties. 

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