Obvious Benefits of Laser Cutting Over Manual Cutting

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Cutting is the most widely used and basic process in any manufacturing or building process. If you are thinking about using laser cutting over manual cutting in your next big project, you may be speculative about its benefits. We have put together a list of some obvious benefits of laser cutting over manual cutting to help understand more.


High Precision Cuts and Accuracy

Laser cutting requires the use of a very powerful yet small laser that provides a focused beam with extreme precision to the material being cut. Using its unparalleled accuracy, the powerful beam evaporates and melts the material, leaving a clean, finished look.



Laser cutting offers high versatility for any metal cutting projects. The laser beam can cut through any design specification from smallest to largest intricacies. In addition, a single laser can be used for several applications and can cut through wood, steel, aluminium, mild steel, coated steel, and plastic.


No Replacement Required

One of the biggest advantages of laser cutting over manual cutting is that it is more economical to use, even for projects that are limited. This is typically because laser cutting does not require custom-built tooling for the project, as opposed to manual cutting.


Less Waste

Another great advantage of laser cutting is that it uses more sheets and leaves less waste. This means that a very high percentage of the sheet material can be utilised, maximising the number of usable parts and reducing wastage. This, in turn, lowers cost and increases project completion time. Hence, you won’t be wasting as much raw material as you would be while using manual cutting.


Less Consumption of Power

Unlike cutting tools and other processes that require a lot of energy to provide an almost accurate cutting force while using a physical die, laser cutters do not require any other moving parts apart from the energy they need to cut materials. Laser cutters require only ten or fewer kilowatts to cut through extremely thick sheets. This way, the overall cost is also substantially reduced.


Zero Damage

One misconstrued belief about laser cutting is that it causes a lot of damage by warping or distortion. However, this is not true. Lasers are great for cutting through extremely thin sheets with accurate precision and zero damage. The laser has a high speed that allows it to cut through so fast that it does not let the material warp or heat up.

A laser cutter can be used for almost any type of material for various tasks and designs. What makes this form of cutting preferable over manual cutting is its high versatility and reduced costs benefits. This is what makes it a critical part of modern-day machining.  

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